Interview: Lisa Oldfield from the Real Housewives of Sydney (NSFW)


It’s no lie that at Recap Reality we enjoy the notorious Real Housewives franchise. What has become a global phenomenon expanding around the globe, it was time that Australia jumped on the bandwagon.

First with the Real Housewives of Melbourne it was time to expand into the luxurious Sydney regions of the high society.

I succeeded in one of my ultimate interviews and speak with Real Housewives of Sydney (RHOS) polarising cast members Lisa Oldfield to find out the gossip on what it takes to be a Real Housewife as well as her thoughts on the infamous scenes throughout the season. Take a read below!

How do you think your character has been portrayed this season?

Lisa: I own everything I said, the construct of the Real Housewives doesn’t show the real me. In real life if I met someone who irritated me or said hurtful things towards me (like Krissy Marsh) who I met once I would avoid social situations with them, however, the show necessitated me spending 4 to 5 times with them for 3 months.

I tried to get out of housewives two times, it wasn’t fair on me, my career or my family.

Thoughts on bullying throughout the season?

Lisa: I think that the bullying was out of control and a lot of it you didn’t see on TV. Someone like Athena was misunderstood, she had a tragic background and the girls were mean to her (calling her a greeky greek and a wog) but you didn’t see it.

I think if any women were badly edited it was Athena, there was no context as to why she lashed out to the girls and that was never shown.

Is this the same for Melbourne? 

Lisa: I’m very close friends with Gamble and she has felt the same way at times.

You said your 4 year old son was “acting like a dickhead” which sparked a fuel of hate online, what do you say to that?

Lisa: He was acting like a dickhead, but what you didn’t see was he called me a fucking cunt beforehand. I don’t care if you’re 4 don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

Another claim was that you were caught in a rip and almost drowned until an obese man on an inflatable swan saved you, did this actually happen?

Lisa: Absolutely, I’m at the belief that production ridiculed that, they had a duty of care to look after me. I just had back surgery and was on Endo and had a bottle of champagne, I was being filmed. There were 28 crew members there, the beach was renowned for rips and luckily a lady saw me being caught in the rip and she flagged down her overweight husband. That was the first turning point on me wanting to leave.

What was another turning point in wanting to leave the show?

Lisa: The second time that I wanted to leave was that my dad was quite sick and I never felt a degree of sympathy from production- my family, my kids and my career has suffered and now they’re expecting me to go to Singapore.

My favourite insult was the dildo joke at Krissy Marsh!

Lisa: My favourite was “here’s a kinder surprise go and get fucked!”.

I actually bought the dildo for Victoria!

Victoria was complaining that she wasn’t getting any, my friend who owns a sex store gave it to me. I was up since 5am with Chinese investors and Krissy just started on me for 2 hours (about the notorious Amy Winehouse Instagram post). Hopefully she got some good use out of it!

What are your thoughts on the reunion?

Lisa: I haven’t watched it. I’ve been so busy to watch it!

At the reunion, you said another comment along the lines of playing up your marriage for the camera (from Victoria), comments?

Lisa: Production confirmed I never said that, I was obviously miced. I admit I had too much to drink, but if I did say that it would’ve been a way to remediate the situation.

Alex Perry was terrible at hosting this year, he even had a dummy spit for not letting the girls finish.

Lisa: It was interesting because when Athena was speaking he would shut her down, there were a couple of times where I was trying to defend myself and he would shut me down. Victoria threatened to walk out every 10 minutes. The day in total was 19 hours, 3 hrs hair and makeup, 14 and a half hours of filming.

How much of the season did you get to see before filming the reunion?

Lisa: 8 or 9 episodes.

Tell me about the master interviews, when are they filmed and how often?

Lisa: They are filmed on a bi-weekly basis. It depends on how much you bring it to I, Athena and I had more.

Do they play back the footage?

Lisa: There’s no footage played back and therefore you can be called out in master interviews, you’re having things repeated to you (by producers).

Is that how they’re building they (the producers) are building the storylines?

Lisa: That’s part of our contract that basically says the producers can lie to us and that’s part of the show.

Do you break the fourth wall with production while filming?

Lisa: Yes! That’s why the crew enjoyed working with me so much because so many became my friends. After masters, they would stay and I’d Ordered gourmet pizza, vintage red wine, we’d always have a lovely time and my Facebook is filled with crew members who I have formed great relationships with. Even Foxtel staff couldn’t bare to work with Krissy or Victoria. So many would speak down to the junior runners and staff members.

What are your thoughts on the Auckland franchise?

Lisa: I think I was one of the few people who loved Auckland and the city as a whole, It was a bit but they never budgeted for it (the reunion) which is sad because I thought the girls certainly brought it.

… and Melbourne?

Lisa: LOVE Melbourne! I had a long conversation with Gamble yesterday, she said yesterday that none of your cast members can take a joke, if you called me a Chewbacca I would’ve done a noise. We would’ve had a laugh at the KKK reference. The Sydney girls don’t do self-deprecation. Gamble reckons I’m in the wrong franchise.

If you had to switch a Sydney castmate for a Melbourne castmate, who would it be?

Lisa: Susie to Sydney because she is fucking boring. (we agree!)

What are your thoughts on the US possibly not picking up the show?

Lisa: You have to remember Melbourne wasn’t picked up until after season 2 aired, but I’m not in the business of selling shows.

They said you were bitchy for the sake of being bitchy..

Lisa: I don’t agree with that, everything you saw from me was reactionary, I never walked into a social group and put anyone down. I would never enter someone’s event and ruin someone’s speech to make it all about me.

Do you see any of the girls now that filming has wrapped up?

Lisa: I regularly go out with Athena once a week. Matty and Michael are good friends and are coming over next Saturday and I grab the odd coffee with Melissa every now and again.

I want to play a game, Fuck, Kill or Marry, I feel like you would enjoy this!

Athena X, Victoria Rees or Krissy Marsh?

Lisa: Marry Athena, fuck Victoria OVER and kill Krissy Marsh.

 Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano or Pettifleur Berenger?

Lisa: Marry Gamble, Fuck Gamble and kill Pettifleur .

Melissa Tkautz, Matty Samaei or Nicole O’Neil (Captain Eyebrows)?

Lisa: Marry Matty, then probably kill her because she doesn’t shut up. I wouldn’t want to do anything with the other two!

Who would you not like to return?

Lisa: Krissy Marsh.

There are rumours on Imogen Anthony joining the cast…

Lisa: I suggested her, and I think she’ll be fantastic. I think we need a cast shake up, some of the girls have sticks up their asses (referring to Krissy and Nicole). If I have to hear about one more time about how privileged and fortunate I am, I’m so lucky and need to give back, just please stop reminding us of our filthy rich you are.. and it’s worse off air! Nicole is the exception to her family!

RHOS Season 2 – are you coming back?

Lisa: Yes! Absolutely! It hasn’t been commissioned yet but I’m sure I will be.

Now how does one apply to be a housewife? It’s not on seek!

Lisa: I advise you to not become a housewife, only if you want your whole life turned upside down. But I’d think you’d be very good at it! (Thanks!)

I was contacted by a casting agent over 2 years ago, we met for lunch and chatted about my career and my face in the world. She recommend me to housewives. Matty, Nicole and I got the nod 18 months ago. Then we had sit down lunches that were filmed. Athena, Krissy and Melissa came very late in the piece and Victoria was a shock 7th housewife and found out when the cast was announced. Never heard of her before hand!

Lastly, because I am desperate to be a housewife can I film with you next season? 

Lisa: Yes! You’ve got my contact information so just ping me!

There you have it, some insider gossip into the world according to Lisa Oldfield, not only did I become a super stan after our conversation but I have secured my debut into Reality Television! I look forward to filming with Lisa next season!

You can listen to the unedited (and unfiltered) interview below.

Watch another interview with Lisa Oldfield below.


House Rules Coming Soon!


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HOUSE RULES was a ratings smash in 2016, averaging more than 1.57 million combined viewers across Australia. More than two million people tuned in to see Queensland twins Luke and Cody win and realise their dream of living mortgage free.


2016 – Luke & Cody, QLD
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Married at First Sight


We are now at the pointy end of this year’s season of Married at First Sight and the Kleenexes were getting a work out as we saw breakups, controversy, love and heartbreak with our experimental couples.

On Sunday night, I am sure the majority of viewers were feeling as though the wrong couples broke up when horseman and all round nice guy Sean was left heartbroken, whilst controlling antagoniser Anthony was stoked when his gorgeous bride, Nadia decided to renew her vows with him.

Sean gave a beautiful speech to Susan and talked about how she was the love of his life. Unfortunately Susan couldn’t reciprocate her feelings towards Sean and felt the distance between the two was too hard, although she still saw him as a close friend. What every guy dreads.

Anthony has been one of the most controversial characters on the show. From upsetting Cheryl, to calling Nadia frigid and pointing out her breasts were too small for a certain dress he was buying for her, he has frustrated the whole of Australia, myself included, with his attitude. Nadia decided to give Anthony and long distance a go, despite all of his misdemeanours.

On Monday night’s episode it was the first time in the real world for the couples and the issue of long distance again was a common discussion point.

Nick and Sharon were head over heels for each other during the experiment, but when Nick received some devastating news about his Father, his relationship was left in turmoil. Nick was planning on moving to Perth to be with Sharon,however he wanted to support his Dad who he was very close to. Sharon is now considering making the move to Melbourne to be with her new love, Nick.

Loved up couple Simon and Alene were finding it difficult with the long distance and Simon in particular was not a fan of Skype, so time will tell whether this becomes an issue or not.

That man Anthony has again showed his dominant and controlling side during a Skype chat to Nadia back in Brisbane. Just as Anthony couldn’t get any worse, he goes and tells Nadia that he’s questioning the sustainability of their relationship because he thinks his career is more important to him. I am sure the rest of Australia is like myself and wonders what she sees in him. If she broke up with Anthony she would probably have a line up of guys as long as the line up to see Santa Claus.

Well, instead of breaking up with the controller, she decides to jump on a plane to Sydney to chat to him. One wonders why she would waste her time!

Adelaide boy Jesse is back home and working with his Dad at the Adelaide Central Markets. Although sad about how things ended with Michelle, he’s ready to move on and I am sure there will be no shortage of single women that would like to date one of Australia’s latest eligible bachelors. Michelle is back home in Perth and slightly envious of twin sister Sharon that she has met someone whilst Michelle has come back home and is looking for love yet again.

Bubbly Vanessa and introvert Andy are struggling with the long distance and to make matters worse Andy has gone and booked a holiday to Mount Everest for 4 months, which Vanessa is clearly not happy about.

City girl, Susan is having regrets about Sean and really missing him. She still has hope that it will work out down the road and they’ll get their ‘happily ever after’.

Seven Year Switch


Things start to heat up on Tuesday’s episode and the pillow wall seems to be a common discussion topic. Johnny and Stacey Louise have built a pillow wall and Michael and Kaitlyn have jumped on the bandwagon. Oh no! They are breaking their partners rules already!

After jet boating and a Mustang cruise, Sarge and Tracey are now off to go swimming and Sarge is having a nice perve at Tracey in her bikini whilst complaining that Stacey Louise doesn’t like to swim.

The experts sure don’t mind their 15 minutes of fame again this episode and they bring along all different technological devices with the same video, why don’t they make it easy and stick to the IPAD!

This time it’s a video so they can understand their own behaviour patterns.

One of the highlights was Johnny’s body language as the fridge shelf issue is brought up on the video of Sarge and Stacey Louise having another argument! Johnny looks like he’s thinking that Sarge is abit of a clown and it’s priceless!

Mark tries to teach Felicity how to play basketball and then asks Felicity about Michael’s anger management. Felicity feels as though she questions her relationship because she’s constantly being hurt and communication is an issue. Plus he yells and screams like a child!

After watching the video of her and Sarge, Stacey feels like she’s always controlled and she’s not ready to get married to him. Ouch!

Michael’s anger issues arise again when Felicity is shown a video about them and Felicity walks away in tears when she realises that she’s a nagger. Michael is shown his video and is shown examples of his behaviour and temper. Michael feels disgusted by what he sees and knows that he needs to work on this.

The couples have mixed feelings when they are all told that they are going away on various trips to a sentimental location. Mark and Felicity have got the best end of the deal though, they are sent off to Phuket! Felicity flips out when she sees that there’s only one double bed at the resort in Phuket and walks out as there’s no lounge or anywhere else to sleep.

Johnny is as happy as a kid in a candy store when he finds out that they are going to the Whitsundays, however Stacey Louise is not so excited and finds going there boring. I am sure I am like the majority of viewers that think that she needs to lighten up and stop being a drama queen.

Michael and Kaitlyn are going off to the Kakadu together and Sarge and Tracey are off to go camping in the Blue Mountains.

About the Seven Year Switch

Channel Seven’s most controversial series, Seven Year Switch, promises to shock when four new couples on the brink of separation participate in an experimental marriage with a total stranger in order to save their relationship.

This innovative experiment, called “Switch Therapy”, is radical, totally unpredictable and life-changing. Viewers will learn about each of the couples – how they met, how they fell in love, how their relationship took a turn for the worst and why they are willing to risk everything to mend it.

The brave couples at a crossroads in their relationship will live with a like-minded new partner in an experimental marriage, to help them recognise how their own behaviour is impacting their relationship – and decide if they would be better off with someone else.

Relationship experts, Jo Lamble and Peter Charleston, will guide the couples through the therapy process as they adjust to living with an experimental partner. Will their experimental spouses be able to fill the void they’ve been yearning for, or will they discover the grass isn’t always greener? At the end of the daring social experiment, each of the couples will reunite and make the decision to either part ways, or reaffirm their commitment for life.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

IAC-S3-Casey-Donovan-Crowned-Queen-Of-The-Jungle_cropped_900x506Former Australian Idol winner, Casey Donovan has won the 2017 I’m A Celebrity reality show beating former Brownlow Medallist and Premiership star, Dane Swan.

The final two survived 6 weeks of cold showers, creepy crawlies, eating animal insides and facing their fears with some high adrenalin activities!

Swan was one of the favourites to win but unlike fellow footballer Barry Hall he couldn’t repeat the dose.

Bride and Prejudice

Channel 7’s reality television show, Bride and Prejudice has shocked Australia and the episode on Monday 6th of March was no exception. The issue of same sex marriage has divided the world but when their loved ones are getting married one would think they could put their beliefs behind them, however this wasn’t the case with two different couples on the show.

Two same sex couples and the same scenario, parents that don’t want to be involved in their children’s weddings because of their beliefs and disapproval of same sex marriage
Charity and Phoebe are two girls in love who are getting married in New Zealand and Charity’s parents don’t believe in same sex marriage so don’t even bother to rock up to their wedding, this would be sad for poor Charity and surely her parents could’ve put their opinions aside and just supported the wedding.

It makes you wonder how parents could do this to their own daughter regardless of their beliefs, someone that they love and have brought up.

Their is a similar situation with another same sex couple, Chris from Australia and Grant from the USA, Grant’s parents are all behind him but Chris’s folks have made it clear that they aren’t happy about it, Chris has even gone and brought his parents plane tickets over to America just so that they would come.

The final show is next week and in true reality style they have left us hanging as to whether they will be there or not!