Married at First Sight


We are now at the pointy end of this year’s season of Married at First Sight and the Kleenexes were getting a work out as we saw breakups, controversy, love and heartbreak with our experimental couples.

On Sunday night, I am sure the majority of viewers were feeling as though the wrong couples broke up when horseman and all round nice guy Sean was left heartbroken, whilst controlling antagoniser Anthony was stoked when his gorgeous bride, Nadia decided to renew her vows with him.

Sean gave a beautiful speech to Susan and talked about how she was the love of his life. Unfortunately Susan couldn’t reciprocate her feelings towards Sean and felt the distance between the two was too hard, although she still saw him as a close friend. What every guy dreads.

Anthony has been one of the most controversial characters on the show. From upsetting Cheryl, to calling Nadia frigid and pointing out her breasts were too small for a certain dress he was buying for her, he has frustrated the whole of Australia, myself included, with his attitude. Nadia decided to give Anthony and long distance a go, despite all of his misdemeanours.

On Monday night’s episode it was the first time in the real world for the couples and the issue of long distance again was a common discussion point.

Nick and Sharon were head over heels for each other during the experiment, but when Nick received some devastating news about his Father, his relationship was left in turmoil. Nick was planning on moving to Perth to be with Sharon,however he wanted to support his Dad who he was very close to. Sharon is now considering making the move to Melbourne to be with her new love, Nick.

Loved up couple Simon and Alene were finding it difficult with the long distance and Simon in particular was not a fan of Skype, so time will tell whether this becomes an issue or not.

That man Anthony has again showed his dominant and controlling side during a Skype chat to Nadia back in Brisbane. Just as Anthony couldn’t get any worse, he goes and tells Nadia that he’s questioning the sustainability of their relationship because he thinks his career is more important to him. I am sure the rest of Australia is like myself and wonders what she sees in him. If she broke up with Anthony she would probably have a line up of guys as long as the line up to see Santa Claus.

Well, instead of breaking up with the controller, she decides to jump on a plane to Sydney to chat to him. One wonders why she would waste her time!

Adelaide boy Jesse is back home and working with his Dad at the Adelaide Central Markets. Although sad about how things ended with Michelle, he’s ready to move on and I am sure there will be no shortage of single women that would like to date one of Australia’s latest eligible bachelors. Michelle is back home in Perth and slightly envious of twin sister Sharon that she has met someone whilst Michelle has come back home and is looking for love yet again.

Bubbly Vanessa and introvert Andy are struggling with the long distance and to make matters worse Andy has gone and booked a holiday to Mount Everest for 4 months, which Vanessa is clearly not happy about.

City girl, Susan is having regrets about Sean and really missing him. She still has hope that it will work out down the road and they’ll get their ‘happily ever after’.