Bride and Prejudice

Channel 7’s reality television show, Bride and Prejudice has shocked Australia and the episode on Monday 6th of March was no exception. The issue of same sex marriage has divided the world but when their loved ones are getting married one would think they could put their beliefs behind them, however this wasn’t the case with two different couples on the show.

Two same sex couples and the same scenario, parents that don’t want to be involved in their children’s weddings because of their beliefs and disapproval of same sex marriage
Charity and Phoebe are two girls in love who are getting married in New Zealand and Charity’s parents don’t believe in same sex marriage so don’t even bother to rock up to their wedding, this would be sad for poor Charity and surely her parents could’ve put their opinions aside and just supported the wedding.

It makes you wonder how parents could do this to their own daughter regardless of their beliefs, someone that they love and have brought up.

Their is a similar situation with another same sex couple, Chris from Australia and Grant from the USA, Grant’s parents are all behind him but Chris’s folks have made it clear that they aren’t happy about it, Chris has even gone and brought his parents plane tickets over to America just so that they would come.

The final show is next week and in true reality style they have left us hanging as to whether they will be there or not!


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